Who are we?

fantaeurovision team
fantaeurovision team

FantaSanremo and FantaEurovision were born in the Marche region from a small but joyful group of fans both of the Italian Song Festival Sanremo and of the most popular non-sporting competition in the world.

In 2020, from a rib of a listening group (the Microscopic Jury), the FIF Commission (Italian FantaSanremo Federation) was born and developed the rules of FantaSanremo, a kind of Festivàl-themed fantasy football game. Word of mouth brought about 50 requests for participation until the crucial week came, in which the fantasy coaches followed Morgan and Bugo’s advice and found "a bar that will be their church": the Bar Corva da Papalina (Papalina’s “Bar Corva”). The rules of the game are exciting and fun, the listening group is "really euphoric" and the Bar Corva da Papalina offers the best hospitality you could wish for.

Alas, in 2021 it became impossible to gather together at the Bar because of Covid-19, therefore the game moved to the web with the creation of a website ready to host about a hundred teams. Once the first entries arrived, the word started spreading on the Web, thanks to the spontaneous interest of the Slim Dogs in the first place, and many other influencers thereafter (Dariohead, Paolo Camilli, Estetista Cinica, etc…). After days of absolute panic, technical problems and a literally stormed website, registrations closed with about 50,000 submitted teams, with such an active participation that three of the competing artists uttered the word "FantaSanremo" on the stage of the Sanremo Music Festivàl.

Luckily, FIF members have memory issues, thanks to which they forgot all the sleepless nights, stress-caused dermatitis, gastritis and various arrhythmias accumulated during the Festivàl. This also led them to accept the challenge of creating FantaEurovision. In return they were gifted with the huge satisfaction of hearing the very Rai Television hosts and the artists competing for Germany, Iceland and San Marino say “FantaSanremo” and “FantaEurovision”.

premio fantasanremo

FantaSanremo 2022

Preparations for the 2022 edition started well in advance, greatly improving the website and allowing to create private leagues to compete in small groups. As soon as the list of Festivàl participants was made public, the social media machine was set in motion.

Unexpectedly, many artists showed interest in the game in their Instagram Stories, often promising bonuses to their fans. Some of them went live to read the rules and even create their team, challenging other artists who were still unaware of the game. All this led to a very quick growth in numbers, bringing the final count to the unbelievable amount of 500,000 registered teams. Such a great responsibility rekindled in FIF members the old stress symptoms times ten, just like the number of teams.

Luckily, the whole effort paid off during the Sanremo Music Festival, when almost all the competing artists actively joined the FantaSanremo game, either theatrically or subtly. Even Amadeus, artistic director and host of the event, got involved. Many competing singers said the game helped them to ease the tension and to get closer to their fans, thanks to the commitment to give them bonuses; Amadeus himself praised the game, saying that it is a way to break down barriers, make everything a little easier and less schematic, and to bring young people and the social media world closer to the Festivàl.

The stage went crazy: Gianni Morandi shouted “FantaSanremo” at the end of his first performance, Michele Bravi wished a “Good FantaSanremo to all, Papalina”, Sangiovanni had Amadeus say the magic words too, Dargen D’Amico changed his lyrics to gain bonuses, Aka7even greeted “Aunt Mara”, Massimo Ranieri said “Papalina'' for his nieces and nephews, together with many more unbelievable yet spontaneous and unexpected events. An honorable mention goes to the 2022 FantaSanremo winner, Emma, who took home one of the most unlikely bonuses: +50 points for being chased by the police.

team in teatro

FantaEurovision 2022

After receiving the green light from their trusted doctors, FIF members are now ready to dive into the FantaEurovision challenge. All the more because of the great honor of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest right here in Italy, due to Måneskin’s victory last year.

All the improvements already tested during FantaSanremo, such as the private leagues, will obviously be maintained, and it cannot be excluded that the commitment of all the staff also brings further changes. What great surprises and incredible news await the fantacoaches? There’s only one way to find out, not too obvious in these trying times... Surviving!