What’s FantaEurovision?

FantaEurovision is a fantasy game based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Build up your team with 5 of the competing artists, choose a captain and, depending on what they do, you’ll gain or lose points.

How does the Eurovision Song Contest work?

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is a singing competition between artists representing a nation. After Måneskin’s victory last year, the event will be held in Turin, Italy, with Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika as hosts. There will be two semi-finals, on May 10 and 12, with the Grand Final on May 14. In Italy, the show will be broadcasted on Rai1 and Radio2.

How can I create my team?

Just click on the handy button "PLAY" as soon as it’s available. Trust us, it will be very easy to find. Create an account or, if you already have one, log in with your data. From your dashboard, you’ll be able to create the team that will represent you during the ESC week. Your team will have to be formed by 5 artists, one of which will also be your captain. But be careful not to exceed the 100 saBaudis budget – the system should not allow it, but we cannot stress it enough.

Can I create a team with less than 5 artists?

No. Say no more, we want to keep a civil tone.

What are the saBaudis?

SaBaudis are the official currency of the FantaEurovision 2022, a small tribute to the historic Italian TV host Pippo Baudo and at the same time to the city of Turin that hosts this year’s edition. Each player has 100 saBaudis to create their team. If, like most of us, you suck at math and barely made it through second grade, worry not: a counter will track your budget for you.

What’s the point of choosing a captain?

The captain will be crucial in the Grand Final evening when their bonuses and penalties are doubled, so choose wisely. For more information, ask those who saw their 250 points doubled thanks to Måneskin last year.

How will I know if the members of my team have earned points?

Just read the rules: they include the complete list of actions that will make you earn (bonuses) or lose points (penalties). We’ll often post practical examples, so follow our social pages and everything will be easy as pie. Just access your dashboard during the ESC week and you’ll find the recap with your team’s score.

Do I have to calculate the points?

Of course not, the website will do everything automatically and will update your dashboard, rankings, and scores.

What do I need to participate? How much does it cost?

Everything’s absolutely free, all you need is a valid email address. You should follow us on our social networks, though, we post original and ephemeral stuff there. It would be a shame to miss it.

What do I win?

How do you say “una ceppa di niente” in English?

I don’t agree with the assignment of a bonus/penalty, what can I do?

Suck it up. Or, if you really feel the need, write to [email protected] and we’ll evaluate everything with our unquestionable Var. Last year we assigned a bonus for thanks in Ukrainian – just to let you understand what level of fussiness (or, more gently, scrupulousness) we reached. You can trust us, trust us.

What are private leagues?

Private leagues are championships that can only be accessed through a IDCode. In other words, they are customizable rankings (name, image etc...) parallel to the general one, and they will feature only and exclusively the teams belonging to each league. It could be the best way to create a custom tournament among friends, relatives, colleagues or even larger communities. After all, everything started from the historic Papalina’s Bar Corva’s “Papalina League”.

How many teams can I create? How many leagues can I join?

Each email address can only create a single team and possibly join a single private league. But despair not: if you want to participate in other private leagues, just create more teams with different email addresses.